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Evoque creative is an agency and media production platform of Dutch producer and director Ivo de Jongh, Koen Robroek, fixer and Local Producer in Spain and Spanish speaking countries.


Based in Andalusia Spain we offer complete marketing and production services from concept, development to post-production, promotion and ROI analysis.


Our services focuses on production for agencies and production partners outside of Spain and video production for agencies and companies in Spain, USA, Latin América, The Netherlands and throughout Europe.



Evoque creative operates as both agency and production company. We are experienced in developing copy and concepts, action/ short-term or long-term strategies and content for various types of campaigns from print, tv & radio, VR and other digital platforms. Our mission is to assist small businesses, companies and organisations to reach their audience and goals in the most effective and efficient way building and maintaining strong brands and propositions.


Evoque creative has a broad experience in Events. From concept to production and marketing we worked for international companies, governments, trade unions and foundations adding to, – or completely organising and marketing their events from 100 to thousands of participants.



Professional Digital Marketing Services That Drive Results.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Spain that focuses on growing your business successfully with an online marketing variety of services. Whether you want to have online presence with a website or social media, increase conversions, drive traffic to your website, or both, we can help you design an Internet marketing campaign that can help you reach your goals.

Video Production

“We develop media that will Evoke”

More than two decades of experience, developing innovative and often award-winning productions, working for the world’s leading agencies, production partners and directly for companies granted us a very rich network of passionate and talented partners.

We produce,

  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Corporate video
  • (TV) Programs
  • Registrations
  • Virtual Reality applications
  • Interactive media
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Online Strategies
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
Video Production

“We produce internationally”

Producing internationally requires specific skills. We’ve been privileged to gain experience in many countries around the world working with the best partners, suppliers and crew. This now grants us access to a rich network of reliable partners in the Americas, Africa, South East Asia, China and (Eastern and Southern) Europe. Amsterdam is our base in Northern Europe.

Your Fixer in Spain

“What ever your production needs, we’ll fix it!”

With experience in all possible aspects of line producing for all sorts of media we can help you out in all aspects of your shoot in Spain.

    • Research
    • Casting
    • Local crew and suppliers
    • Location scouting and management
    • Permits
    • Drone-licenses

With our broad international experience as a reference we were stunned what Spain and specifically Andalusia has to offer.

‘Andalusia’s diversity is mind-blowing’

With obvious advantages like the mildest climate in Europe and being in the proximity (Less then 3 hours travel) of most European capitals, Spain offers an unimaginable array of landscapes, cities and climates. In combination with reliable suppliers and talented crew we’ll make sure your valuable time and resources will be efficiently used to ensure a pleasant and effective production abroad. We’d love to introduce you to our passionate and talented professional local network. 

Your Fixer in Spain

Although we offer our services throughout Spain we are specialised in Andalusia. Here is why

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Evoque creative
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